Fine art practice & production statement

Resolution and choice of the exhibited work / evidence of development and critical awareness:

Social networking platforms act by allowing individuals to control and censor themselves online while simultaneously governing the control individuals think they have when operating via these platforms. The platform frameworks are designed to govern social behaviour, the level of control we think we have in terms of how we govern our behavior on these platforms is a paradox.


The production I have devised for this exhibition delivers this paradox by generating an environment which configures a subtle interplay of jurisdiction between vlogger and viewer and how this affects how the content of the vlog is registered, the regulation and control of how the online content is viewed and consumed is constantly reorienting throughout the exhibition.


In studio 21 I will be executing a performance via the live orchestration of my YouTube vlogs creating a remodelled platform of controlled self-surveillance. I will be organically changing and manipulating how my narrative and behaviors within the vlogs are being directed relative to the given audience. The parallels between how we regulate and censor content for our intended audience online, here becomes a real life operation. By regulating and further implementing the self censorship of my behaviour within the vlogs in reality, I am creating a physical live platform which mirrors the mechanisms of the online platforms.


In studio 20 an interactive installation reorientates this live jurisdiction of the online content, the live censorship and self-surveyed control of the vlogs governed by me in studio 21 is here re-registered in the hands of the viewer. The viewer is now controlling how they view the content on their own terms, navigating through my social media channels via a desktop *similarly to how one would normally view such content at home*.


*Curatorial Decisions*

In studio 20 my bedroom furniture recreates my home environment, with the desktop and earphones setup on my bedroom table, the invitation for the viewer to sit and control how they interact with the vlogs semi-privately without the direct dictating presence of me in the room, re-registers the control we feel when we are interacting with content online. Vloggers manifest as a figment of the internet, the general disconnected and dissociated relationship to the vlogger is altered when I’m present in studio 21, in studio 20 the physicality of me is absent, although the physicality of my possessions is present, this will change how the viewer interacts with and interprets the vlogs.


In studio 21 I will be manipulating the vlogs via my laptop while the videos are being translated onto a large TV screen projecting the vlogs to the audience. I’ll be altering my positions navigating around the screen reforming how the viewer will interpret my presence throughout the performance eg.. (positioned in front of TV direct surveillance of the of the audience/show like performance, behind TV a stronger underpinning of self contained surveillance via controlling the online content from behind the screen). I chose to present the vlogs on the TV to underpin the self surveillance / CCTV directive within the performance.


The videos are presented via split screens to visually represent the mass communication and usage of the platforms they were produced for.


The placement of the screens within the exhibition creates an interruption in the spaces, the installations are positioned to disrupt how the audience is navigating through the exhibition. This curatorial placement draws the viewer to the screens while navigating through the exhibition, compelled to interact the viewer can't avoid the presence of the online platforms and the urge to be apart of the online interaction. When we are surrounded by a physical community we have a compulsion to synchronously interact online, we are and always will be drawn in to being a part of virtual reality whilst we are communicating in the physical one.


While stood in the passageway between the two studios, one can see both me performing and governing my behaviour in one room and the opportunity to govern how one views my behaviour via the installation set up in the other room. This curatorial decision visually signifies the transitioning control between the spaces and conveys a ceaseless limbo between interacting in a physical community while synchronously engaging with the online community.


I am both within and without of the exhibition, physically present but absorbed within the orchestration of my online vlogs, regulating the communication of my behaviour to fit the given audience, my mode of communication comes from how I’m operating and disseminating the online content, again reinforcing how we are always within and without, preoccupied with our online presence while present within a physical community.


Health & Safety / added info:

*I will be filming the exhibition enabling me to assess how I surveyed my behaviors in response to the audience & how the audience controlled and responded to the videos when navigating the videos themselves (tripods set up filming the performance and the installation) (webcam set up on laptops)

A notice of this will be displayed in both studios.

*All devices used have been PAT tested.

*All loose wires will be taped to the floor.